About the Authors

Once upon a time, two writers crossed paths across land and water. They clicked, they reached out to each other at the same time, they talked. Before they’d even found out what the other’s favorite drink was, they were already writing together. They fell into it seamlessly. It was easy. It was fun! There was Jedi texting involved. A story was produced within six months that they shared, just for the love of it, with a limited online audience.

The response was very encouraging but even without it, the two friends knew they had found a partner with whom life itself was just better. They never looked back. They travelled across oceans to meet; they visited new countries together; they exchanged gifts and secrets. And they kept writing together, always.

Five years later, this blog is their first step out into the world to publish their stories and, occasionally, talk about writing and travel.

To everyone visiting – we are Rosie and Mina. Hello and welcome!